A National Competence Centre for Advisory Services


All aspects of the agricultural knowledge system need to increase their skills to achieve increased sustainability and a competitive agricultural and food sector. Effective counseling is crucial. Therefore we have created RådNu – National Competence Centre for Advisory Services.

RådNu is a regional anchored node in Västra Götaland, with the hub of SLU in Skara.

We work nationally and have an international perspective. A common competence platform helps to strengthen the entire knowledge system; agricultural and rural entrepreneurs, advisors, authorities and researchers.

The goal

RådNu builds a national collaborative platform and develops a new work model for how the research needs of rural areas can be captured, refined and converted into concrete research and development projects if necessary.

Our goal is to become a natural partner for research and competence development in the counseling of rural and agricultural sectors.

The activities are divided into different subjects, see the figure below.

As part of the Smartbees project WP 5 our Centre created Bee-Extension.org





Magnus Ljung
E-mail: magnus.ljung@slu.se




Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen
E-mail: lotta.fabricius@apinordica.se