Beekeeping at different levels of perspective. Start from the perspective of the beekeeper:

  •   bee colony
  •   apiary
  •   beekeeping business complex
  •   the business in its environment
  • All these perspectives are in the daily work of the beekeeper.

Changes in beekeeping must be considered at each level. Coordination is important.

The beekeeping could also be viewed in different aspects:

  • Technical e.g. health, feeding, yield
  • Economic e.g. income, investments, cash flow
  • Social e.g. relationship with input providing organisations, organisations for output, members of the household, labourers

Timing is everything. What a beekeeper does today needs to bee coordinated with what is expected to happen tomorrow, or next month, season, year…

Think in 3D:  different levels – different aspects – different points in time

Beekeeping practices could be shaped by the individual, the household, the power, the identity, the culture, the conflict, the risk and trust. A series of social interactions between different people at various points in time and in different locations.

What beekeepers (and others) do or not do depends on what they:

  • Believe to be true (what they know)
  • Aspire to achieve (what they want)
  • Are able to do (think they)
  • Are allowed/expected to do (think they)

Example: For what reason don’t the beekeeper treat varroa as advised for better bee health?

Because they do NOT BELIEVE the method help to control the varroa?

Because they do NOT ASPIER to improve bee health?

Because they are NOT ABEL to use the recommended methods, lack skills, lack of money, lack of time?

Because they are NOT ALLOWED/EXPECTED to follow the advice due to social pressure?

Other aspects of reasons to not make changes:

Perceived self-efficacy – beekeepers confidence in their own capabilities.

Beekeeping is by definition a risky business, due to the need to deal with living materials, weather…. help with risk assessment?

Dynamic over time, another important factor to deal with.


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