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Change with extension

Learning preferences Concrete experience Reflecting observations Abstract conceptualisation Active experimenting Adult learning is supported by conscious shifts between experience and reflection, between taking action and modelling, between absolute presence and critical distance…. What gives advisory services credibility? Adjustment to the target group and trust Personal contact (however, pluralism in methods) Planning and preparation Correct information and implementation To reach out with the message Be able to answer questions (knowledge) Honesty Relevant, clear and easy to understand (correct level, language, etc.) Interesting that creates commitment and motivation Time (to let it take time) The adviser’s own experience Client Options (Competitive Situation)
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Understanding change

Analysing the target group In any form of communications the key to success is to know your target group. In order to make the most effective use of your limited communications resources you need to develop a clear understanding of exactly why they think or act in the ways that they do: Exactly who is part of the problem (causing, increasing, managing, solving, etc.)? How are they affecting the problem? What do they currently think about the issue or problem? (from not aware to frustration over the lack of practical tools to be used) What costs and benefits do they
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